Linde-Griffith Construction Co.’s origins date back to 1865, with the founding of The A. E. Sanford Company. In 1909, August LINDE and George GRIFFITH, then superintendents for The A. E. Sanford Company, purchased its assets – the legend has it for the grand total of ONE DOLLAR! Mr. Griffith provided the technical know-how; Mr. Linde, the marketing expertise.

As the years progressed the business grew.

The founders hired Raymond A. Finley, Sr., P.E. in 1921. Prior to his joining Linde-Griffith Construction Co., Mr. Finley worked on the construction of the Panama Canal. Shortly thereafter, Charles E. Ryan was hired. The firm’s accomplishments during the first thirty years were many and diverse, and the workload increased rapidly.

Accordingly, the Linde-Griffith Construction Co. cadre hired Peter H. Shannon Sr., P.E. in 1941 to strengthen the firm’s administration, management and supervision. The deaths of Mr. Griffith in 1939 and Mr. Ryan in 1942 and the increase in national defense work associated with America’s deepening involvement in World War II resulted in the hiring of Charles Stillman, P.E. in 1943.

Linde-Griffith Construction Co. did not rest on these accomplishments. In 1946, shortly after World War II ended, another engineer, Raymond A. Finley, Jr., P.E., fresh out of the United States Navy, signed on. William Richtmyre, P.E., another United States Navy veteran, joined in 1948. The company continued to flourish.

After Mr. Linde’s death in 1960, the young triumvirate of Peter H. Shannon, Sr., Charles Stillman, and Raymond A. Finley, Jr. assumed more management control, with Raymond A. Finley, Sr. remaining as Chief Executive Officer until his death in 1965.

In 1966, Peter H. Shannon, Jr. left the accounting firm of Peat, Marwick, Mitchell, joining Linde-Griffith Construction Co. as the Operations Manager. Four years subsequent, in 1970, another Shannon son, John F., graduated from Lafayette College and was recruited as a Civil Engineer and project superintendent. Eighteen months later, Linde-Griffith Construction Co. hired a third generation Finley, Raymond A, III, as the office manager.

With Charles Stillman’s phasing into retirement in 1971, William C. Richtmyre and Peter H. Shannon, Jr. phased into the company’s management. Nine years later, in 1980, Raymond A. Finley, III and John F. Shannon, P.E. became stockholders. With the retirement of William Richtmyre in 1984, Linde-Griffith Construction Co.’s path of excellence was tended by five, Peter H. Shannon, Sr., Raymond A. Finley, Jr., Peter H. Shannon, Jr., Raymond A. Finley, III, and John F. Shannon.

Approximately eighteen years passed before the third generation of Shannons and another third generation Finley joined Linde-Griffith Construction Co. Christopher Shannon, John D. Shannon, David Price (In-Law), James Finley, Kevin Shannon, and Michael Shannon now supervise the field construction, manage the daily operations as well as being company shareholders and members of the Board of Directors.